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Just wanted to let you all know that I've been bad and done little showable art for a while. A few random things, but not much to show. 

Just know that I do check dA every day, I'm just kinda being quiet. I'm a bit more active on tumblr, but any art done will be cross posted here so eh. 

But there are reblogs of birds and silly things there, so you can check that out if you want.

Hopefully I can step it up once the smallest boy child is less dependent. Right now he's in the "I MUST BE HELD AT ALL TIMES OR I SHALL BE QUITE DISTRAUGHT MOTHER". It shall pass, but in the meantime he's been on my drawing arm. And my video game arm, lately all I've been able to play is Flight Rising, and not for very long. 

I have doodled a bit. I seem to have forgotten how to draw. That's not good. I've tried to jog my memory and whatall, but I'm not impressed thus far. I need to get back into shape. I'm also in this weird spot between digital and physical media and I would like to learn how to do lines digitally as quickly as I do with physical very much, but haven't had much opportunity. So right now it's mostly been for composition/coloring. 

I might do a weekly challenge, (baby steps y'all), pretty soon, but I'm still debating on the subject. Not birds though. I think I'm birded out after last September. 


J. Christine Leach
Artist | Digital Art
United States
I graduated from Harding University with a BFA in Art and Graphic Design in 2009. I spend my time doodling animals in a void and love working with various kinds of ink pens, though I'm coming around to flat digital painting. I also spend a lot of time away from dA writing (and rewriting and rethinking) my novel, The Tree of Babylon, as well as working on video games that you may or may not get to see someday.


Flight Rising Dragons With Familiars Dump by Furrama
Flight Rising Dragons With Familiars Dump
The top three were examples, the bottom two were commissions of other people's fake dragons, done for fake dragon money so that I could buy fake breed change scrolls for fake dragons of my own.

I'll probably end up doing more as more fake dragon money is required. 

(I don't know how to do shadows. I try, I know where the things supposedly are supposed to go, but as soon as I'm done I spot so many mistakes. I think I get carried away with how cool a shadow looks in places or how it feels to put a shadow somewhere instead of aiming for correctness. And the way I do shadows it's super hard to fix after you've noticed without having to scrap everything and starting over.)
Grow by Furrama

Reblog on Tumblr:…

Here’s some art for a game that I was designing end of last year. It got dropped when I realized that the idea was beyond our scope and that babies require more attention than I remembered. It was one of three (four?) ideas and was the first to get scrapped. (Right now all game making is on hold.)

It would have been a 2D platformerish/exploration/survival game with no dialog or text, wherein you would play as a woman of light, sent down to a world of darkness by the rays of an old sun. She would find and care for an abandoned baby shadow creature, blessing it with sight, influencing how it grew by day, and protecting it and herself from other hungry shadows by night. 

As the seasons would pass from spring to summer to autumn to winter the shadowling would grow to adapt to the environment that they spent the most time in during that season. There are many possible outcomes for the shadowling’s growth, even more than pictured, as each season brings a new growth cycle. In spring the head would take shape. In summer the body type and legs. In the fall a tail would form. In the winter something unique. Would the creature grow a flying type feature in the spring cycle, then an attack feature in the summer? Perhaps a running or swimming feature in the fall, or even a burrowing one? The combinations are many and the creature cared for would be unique.

As the seasons pass into the darkest months the creature would grow stronger, while the woman of light would grow weaker. Where she once carried the shadowling, the shadow would grow to carry her. In the end the player would have to leave the woman of light for the first time, now solely controlling the creature to try and care for the woman and stay alive in the harsh and cruel winter. The ending one would get would depend on how the creature chose to live apart from the woman. Will the creature devour other shadows, the only abundant source of food, and become one of them again, its sight and inner light diminishing as the world goes completely dark forever? Or will it go far and find the last remaining sun grown foods, in the end rising up to take the place of the dying sun above?

Hmmm, I think motherhood and nurturing-ness was really on my mind at the time I came up with this, eh?


Don't declaw cats. Okay? 

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